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Golden String Newsletter
from Bede Griffiths Trust

The newsletters are the collection from Golden String printed series created and edited by Fr. Bruno Barnhart, OSB Cam. Inspired by Bede Griffiths, who visited the Hermitage in 1993, Bruno created this newsletter with diverse perspectives on the Universal Call to Contemplation. Authors include Cyprian Consiglio, John Martin, Meath Conlan, Pascaline Coff, and others whom Fr. Bede also inspired. An article from a newsletter will be highlighted each month in the Blog and linked to the respective Volume and Number issue located here. A complete list of the newsletters can be found in the Bede Griffiths Website through this link:

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Contemplation and Dialogue by Cyprian Consiglio is the featured February Blog article. You can read the article by clicking on the pdf:

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