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Sangha Shantivanam
of Santa Cruz


Sangha meetings take place online or in person with an online option, according to the schedule below. It is updated regularly to add speakers or changes in topics, so please check back to confirm. The Zoom link and details for in-person locations are provided after the most recent schedule. It’s also helpful to download a copy of our prayer service, Word into Silence so that you can follow along with the chants and prayers. We look forward to having you join us!

Spring Schedule 2024

Book: Universal Wisdom: A Journey through the Sacred Wisdom of the World. Bede Griffiths.
(Available through Thrift Books, Abe, Amazon for under $7

January 21

      Lectio-- Steven leader (Hybrid)

February 18

     The Vedic Religion (pp 16 - 19)

March 10

     The Wisdom of the Upanishads (pp 20 - 22)

     Guest Teacher: Annapurna Pandey (Click button for details)

     (Date changed from regular meeting on first Sunday of each month for this session)

Time: 3p - 4:30p

Liturgy: Ziggy

March 17

     The Revelation of a Personal God (pp 22 - 23)

Liturgy: Mary Sue

April 7

     No Sangha Meeting

April  13

Sangha Shantivanam Santa Cruz Retreat

19th Ave and East Cliff Dr.

10 am - 3pm

Cost: $45.00

Checks to: Sangha Shantivanam

Send to

Radha Vignola

P.O. Box 1471

Santa Cruz, CA 95061


April 21

     The Challenge of Buddhism (pp 23 - 25) and The Chinese Way (pp 25 - 28)

May 5

     The Monotheism of India (pp 28 - 30)

Liturgy: Mary Sue

May 19

     Semitic Monotheism (pp 30 - 31)

     Jewish Mysticism-The Kabbala (pp 33 - 35)

     Guest Teacher TBA

June 2

     Islam and Sufism (pp 31 - 33)

Liturgy: Sylvia

June 23

     The Holy Trinity and the Body of Christ (pp 35 - 43)

June 8

Sangha Room Cleaning Day

11:15 - 12:30


No Scheduled Book Study or Liturgy Meetings

Fall Book Study will Resume in August

July 28

Vegetarian/Vegan Celebration Pot Luck

Appreciation and Gratitude for Long Term Members

Sangha members and friends are invited!

Location: Sylvia and Jerry Deck Home

Time: 4 - 6 pm

For more info: contact


Our events and meetings are zoom or hybrid. The Zoom link access is below:

Meeting ID: 846 0644 3323

In Person gatherings are in the Holy Cross Parish Administration Building, in the Sangha Room and Room 106. The address is at 210 High Street in Santa Cruz, CA. Contact us (click on Donation button for contact information), and you will be added to the email list with instructions on accessing the rooms.)

Please click on the PDF icon to download the Sangha prayer service. 

Fall Schedule 2023

Book Study: A Short History of Myth

by Karen Armstrong


September 17-

      2:30 pm- Service Committee Meeting 

      4 pm- Chapter 1 and 2 ("What is a Myth" and "The Paleolithic Period) (Leader: Jane Dawson)


October 1- Chapter 3 ("The Neolithic Period")

        Leader and Liturgy: Mary Sue Babb

October 15- Book Study topic deferred to November 5.


November 5- Chapter 4 and 5 ("The Axial Age" and

      "The Early Civilizations")

      Leader and Liturgy: Steven Hendrickson

November 19- Chapter 6 ("The Abrahamic Religions"- "The            Post Axial Age.")

      Guest Speaker- Akindele Akiva Bankole 

       Liturgy- Ziggy Rendler-Bregman

      **Meeting in Parish Hall or Room 106 (if Hall is needed)


December 3- Chapter 7 ("The Great Western Transformation.")

       Leader- Mary Camille Thomas

       Liturgy- Sylvia Deck

December 17-- Potluck in Sangha Room

December 31-- "20th Annual Interfaith Peace Vigil"

                     The Zoom link to the event is below.

                     Event flyer can be accessed here 


Summer Schedule 2023

July Schedule

July 9- Service Committee Meeting 2 pm (Zoom)

July 16 - Lectio Zoom (Elbina)

July 30- Lectio Zoom (Jane)

August Schedule

August  4-6 New Camaldoli Hermitage Annual Retreat with Oblates and Friends

Aug 13- Lectio Zoom (Steven)

Aug 27- Lectio Zoom

**Book Study resumes in September when we begin to study the Axial Consciousness with

Karen Armstrong's "A Short History of Myth"

Spring and Early Summer

February Book Study:

Eknath Easwaran translation The Bhagavagad Gita (1985)

February 5—Introduction to Bhavagad Gita Guest Speaker: Satyam Choudhuri (Zoom Meeting).  

February 12- No Lectio

February 19- Chapters 1 and 2: Elbina Rafizadeh (Zoom meeting)

Themes: Detachment, Unitive Consciousness (Seeing self in others)


February 26- Lectio on Buddhist Sacred Text: Radha Vignola

Eight Verses Trail, Verse 5. (Land of Medicine Buddha.)

"When out of envy, others mistreat me with abuse, insults, or the like, I shall accept defeat and offer the victory to others."

March Schedule

Easwaran: The Bhagavagad Gita 

March 5- Chapters 3 and 4 Mary Thomas (Zoom)

March 12- Lectio TBD

March 19- Chapters 5 and 6 Guest Speaker: Premdas Rohan (Zoom)

Speaker BioPremdas Rohan teaches the Bhagavagad Gita and Yoga at Mt. Madonna Center. His background includes teaching Math and holds an M.A. in secondary education science from San Jose State University, a California clear teaching credential in mathematics, elementary (multiple subjects) and high school (single subject); and a B.A. with honors in mathematics from the University of California, Santa Cruz. 

March 26: Lectio on Bhagavagad Gita (Steven Hendrickson: Leader)

April Schedule

Easwaran The Bhagavagad Gita

April 2-   Chapters 7 and 8 Jane Dawson (Zoom)

April 9-    Easter Sunday

April 16- Chapters 9 and 10: Steven Hendrickson (Hybrid, Holy Cross Parish Administration Bldg, Sangha Room)

April 23- Lectio- No leader scheduled.

April 30-   No meeting.

May Schedule

Easwaran The Bhagavagad Gita

May 7-  2:30- Liturgy training offered by Ziggy Rendler-Bregman                                     (Sangha room) .

              3:30- Chapters 11 and 12 Premdas Rohan (Hybrid Sangha room)

May 21- Chapters 13 and 14 Guest Speaker: Tim Walsh (Hybrid Sangha room)

May 28- Lectio hybrid: Steven Hendrickson (Hybrid Sangha Room)

June Schedule

Easwaran The Bhagavagad Gita

June 4-   Chapters 15 and 16: Satyam Choudhuri (Zoom)

June 18-  Chapters 17 and 18: Jane Dawson (Zoom-Final Study)

June 25- Lectio (Zoom)

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