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Oblate Ceremony Reminisces by Steven Hendrickson

With God’s grace and help. I am now an Camaldolese Oblate. The ceremony went very well, and much love and beauty were ever present. Fr. Cyprian and Fr. Steve Coffey were very gracious and I remembered my response to the promise questions. Seven others were witnesses; family, friends, and my Pastor Jim Lapp, and spouse, Leslie. The monks were very supportive and positive. Afterwords, we enjoyed an amazing picnic lunch on the road overlooking the ocean. A visit to the Bookstore framed an ending to our time at the Hermitage.

On an inner level, the vow marks an auspicious moment in my spiritual journey. Living in the Threefold Good, and a personal Rule of Daily Life Practice will keep me in union with the monks and all of you. It’s all sinking in, slowly and beautifully. Thanks for your love and support!

May God’s grace and peace be with you………

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